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This is what the Lord says—he who made a way through the sea, a path through the mighty waters. (Isa. 43:16)

Holocaust survivors faced untold persecution, torture, and abuse from the darkest side of humanity, yet they battled back with hope and a will to persevere. The Nazis diabolical plans to extinguish the Jewish race was met by the will of those who determined how they would respond to their situation. Through unimaginable horror and abuse, a remnant persevered. Evil was crushed by those who chose to survive, just as those who pursued the Israelites were destroyed.

God’s people, delivered from the Egyptians when the waters miraculously parted, were being led from bondage in Babylon. This second exodus brought feelings of doubt and unbelief to the forefront of the people’s minds. God reminded them that he made a straight way for their exodus from Egypt and performed miracles on their behalf, and he would protect, provide, and lead them once again.

God’s plan has always been to preserve his people. Sometimes, the path is clear, but more often, we humans cannot fathom the ways in which God performs his will toward us. Yet, he will always make a way through. While Holocaust survivors are few today, their legacies live on through their stories and through the principles they instilled in those who followed behind. When faced with unbearable circumstances, hold fast to faith that God can make a way through the sea.

Reflect on the ways God manifests deliverance in your life.

Susan Gordon lives in Wadsworth, Ohio, where she enjoys serving in local organizations, biking, kayaking, exercising, and spending retirement making memories with her husband and grandchildren.

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