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[Peter] warned them; and he pleaded with them, “Save yourselves from this corrupt generation.” . . . And about three thousand were added. (Acts 2:40–41)

One trip into town is all it takes to realize the unrest in people’s lives. One conversation reveals a troubled spirit, even hopelessness. Beneath masked faces, life hurts. Fear hides. Everywhere, worry and troubled spirits are revealed. Ungodly behaviors emerge loudly and clearly. Senseless violence prevails. Distorted doctrinal views, false teachings, and unhealthy values grab the minds of young thinkers. Even seasoned Christians get disheartened in life’s troubles and disappointments. Foundational faith can be rocked by all kinds of distractions.

The apostle Peter wrote a second stirring letter to his beloved early Christian followers on standing firm in troubling times. The prophets had declared that end times would be coming. Peter reminded them of scoffers and false teachers, plus other evils that could shake their faith. He reminded them of God’s unchanging faithfulness in the past and how he came through for his people. We, too, need to meditate on 2 Peter 3 and remember that:

God is in control of everything.

God is always on time.

God keeps his promises.

God invites everyone to come to repentance.

God wants everyone to be ready for his second coming.

God desires us to guard our faith.

Draw from the enabling power of the Holy Spirit and hold on.

Jeanette Vermilya is ministry director at Shunem House. She has served with her husband, Jim, in overseas and pastoral ministry in The Wesleyan Church for over fifty-five years.

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