For many years Holland Central Wesleyan Church has been a leader in Great Commission ministries at home and to the nations, and in many other ways.

Some of its ministries are more quietly impactful.

With so many people having financial problems in these years of a struggling economy, the church has stepped up to become a force that empowers people. They established the Crossroads Career Network. Classes, support groups, counseling, and other services help people get back on their feet.

For example, they have been providing a 7-week course that is designed to enhance peoples’ skills and knowledge for job-hunting, discover the unique contributions that they have to offer, and discern God’s plan for them in all this. It is a faith-based blend of spiritual and practical training that enables people to find work or find more meaningful and fulfilling employment.

The church provides the course free of charge, except for a nominal amount to cover materials. More than 300 people in the community have already benefited from the course, and community leaders have expressed gratitude.

The church also recruits and trains financial counselors from their own membership to give people one-on-one assistance and group support, as needed.