In keeping with his promise we are looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth, the home of righteousness. (2 Pet. 3:13)

WE LIVED ON A FARM IN ARKANSAS, yet my sister and I dreamed of a house in town with children next door for playmates and sidewalks where we could push our doll carriages. We made a game of cutting pictures of furniture and modern kitchens from the Sears catalog and pretending they were in our city home.

Then one day our father said he had taken a job in Houston and we might move to the city. For the next six months, we anxiously waited while he found a house and arranged for the family to join him. At last his announcement came. We tossed the cutout pictures of our fantasy house into the trash as our dream of city life came true.

After Jesus ascended, Peter tried to keep the hope of His return alive. The Lord had been with them for only a little while after His resurrection, and perhaps many were still trying to process such a miracle. But they believed He was the true Messiah and He had assured them a home in heaven, so they held onto that promise.

Visualizing a dream house is only half as thrilling as seeing it in tangible form. One day we will see the home that our Lord in heaven is preparing for us, and it will be better than we ever imagined.

Today, describe to someone the home you visualize in heaven.

Alice Stone Thomas is an adjunct professor of English. In addition to her three children and five grandchildren, she loves to read, write, and garden.