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We wait in hope for the Lord; he is our help and our shield. (Ps. 33:20)

Expanded Passage: Psalm 33:16-22

Have you faced any challenges lately? We live in a world where at any moment, there can be difficulties that come our way. Whether it’s dangers we face, tough decisions to be made, or circumstances beyond our control, these demanding moments can often have us searching for stability, trust, and hope. In hard times, it is easy to quickly lean on earthly security to sooth our worries, as they temporarily boost hope.

In Psalm 33, the psalmist boldly reminds us of the heart and hope of God in sharing about the Lord’s unfailing love—his help, his shield of protection, and his hope. We are reminded of the opportunity to rejoice because of who God is, despite the rough roads we find coming our way.

As you read this, think about the current trouble you face. You may find yourself tempted to pinpoint what you can use to temporarily boost your hope or quickly search for earthly answers to ease your fears. When tempted to do this, instead cling to the hope of the Lord. Cling to him and his Word which reminds us that he is alive, he is unfailing, he is our help, he is our shield, and he is our hope. That, my friends, is worth rejoicing in.

The hope of the Lord is worthy of our rejoicing.

Laura Walls is a wife, a new mom, and an assistant pastor at Waterline Church. She enjoys laughing with friends, sitting around a campfire, and shopping at the local craft store.

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