Gifts to Houghton College’s annual fun exceeded past records during the last fiscal year.

Between June 1, 2012 and May 31, 2013, totals gifts for capital projects and endowments exceeded a record-breaking $12.5 million. This outdoes the record of $10.33 million set the previous year. The two-year total of over $22.8 million given to Houghton College is more than the previous five years of giving combined.

“Thanks to the efforts of the entire office of advancement and external relations team, and our dedicated alumni, donors, faculty, staff, students, and friends, Houghton College has set a record for the highest giving year in its history,” said Rick Melson, vice president of advancement and external relations.

Total gifts to the Houghton College Student Scholarship Fund met and exceeded the $1 million goal specific to that fund. This is the second year in a row that the $1 million goal for this fund has been exceeded. The Houghton College Student Scholarship Fund provides annual support to students seeking a Houghton education, and 100 percent of those dollars go directly to Houghton students.

Faculty and staff also set a new giving record with over 67 percent participation for this year. Impressively, the giving participation from the Board of Trustees, Alumni Advisory Board, Athletic Advisory Board, Parents Council, and Willard J. Houghton Foundation Board continued at 100 percent.

Several capital projects are currently in progress. One of these projects is the Kerr-Pegula Athletic Complex. The complex will include stadiums for baseball and softball, a multisport field, and a field house with indoor track and tennis courts. Initial funding for the complex was provided by Terry and Kim (Kerr ’91) Pegula. At the end of calendar year 2012, a $100,000 challenge was issued, specifically encouraging Houghton alumni who played sports to give in honor of their sport. Thanks to generous support, that $100,000 challenge was exceeded, with total of $102,751 given.

Another major capital project is Phase II of the Paine Science Center renovation. This second phase of the science initiative will include 16 teaching labs, 9 classrooms, 12 student research labs, 25 faculty offices, and a four-story atrium. The facilities will allow for growth in the sciences, adding students and faculty for cross-disciplinary programs in the health sciences, engineering, or related fields.

While Houghton College looks forward to growth and improvement in the future, its foundation in God stands firm. As Melson concluded his celebratory announcement, he drew attention back to God, saying, “Please join me in praising God for his continued provision and faithfulness to Houghton College.”