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Then he turned toward the woman and said to Simon, “Do you see this woman?” (Luke 7:44)

I thoroughly enjoy watching videos of people with color-blindness receive glasses that allow them to see color for the first time. As they slip them on, the tears start to flow and their jaws drop. Vibrant yellow leaves pop from the trees. A dull gray barn transforms to an intense red. Flowers blossom in a vast array of lavenders, pinks, and blues. As one young man looks at an assorted bouquet of balloons, he exclaims in astonishment, “Those colors aren’t all the same!”

With the arrival of God’s kingdom comes a whole new way of seeing. Simon had not taken the time to actually see the woman before him. To him, she was merely an uninvited guest—a nuisance. To Jesus, however, she was beloved. Simon had failed to see that Jesus was worthy of worship, adoration, and hospitality. The woman, on the other hand, saw Jesus for who he truly was: her Savior.

God’s love gives us kingdom vision, where grace, generosity, forgiveness, and love come into focus. It is so easy to be like Simon and quickly dismiss or ignore others based on their outward appearance or their history. But God looks at our hearts. Out of his generous love, he not only forgives but also makes us new. Lord Jesus, help us to see others as you see them. Give us your kingdom vision.

Ask the Lord to help you truly see someone.

Jenn Petersen co-pastors Resurrection Life NYC, a Wesleyan congregation in Manhattan. Passionate about discipleship, worship, and justice, she also works for International Justice Mission.

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