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I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some. (1 Cor. 9:22)

Expanded Passage: 1 Corinthians 9:22

Isn’t it awful when you end up in a conversation with someone who you seem to have nothing in common with? They brush off your attempt to connect over current events, kids, pets, even the weather. And then they bring up the latest advancement in some scientific field you know nothing about, and you just can’t follow or even feign interest. I am guessing that didn’t happen to Paul much. Wherever he went, he adapted so he could connect with as many people as possible.

Paul noted that he did this to win some. Just some. Paul would do anything to help others understand the gospel. This was all that mattered to him. How much does it matter to us? Are we willing to change our habits, to associate with new people, to step into new situations for the sake of saving some? Maybe the reason why we do not live this way is because we do not think of ourselves as missionaries, but that is what all Christians are. Whether you are in a location far from home or in your own neighborhood, you are a missionary. Perhaps if we made the mental shift to think of ourselves as Paul did, we would be able to lay down our rights, as Paul wrote earlier in the chapter, and live a life dedicated to saving some, even just one.

You are a missionary. Live like it.

Aaron Wilkinson is the vice president of operations and enrollment at Wesley Seminary, a member of College Wesleyan Church (IN), and an employee resilience researcher.

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