Silence the ignorant talk of foolish men. (1 Pet. 2:15)

IN MY NEWLY ACHIEVED STATUS as a young adult, I had opinions on everything from politics to parenting. The way I saw it, if things were done according to my way, the world would run much more smoothly.

I had to eat a lot of my words after becoming a parent. I found my preconceived notions didn’t always work when put to the test in real-life circumstances. The kaleidoscope of personalities in a family, and their various responses to their environment, will capsize nearly any agenda.

How many people had I criticized along the way?

“I would never yell at my child like that.”

“I would never be late for work.”

“I would never let someone see my house look that messy.”

“I would never leave home without my makeup.”

Thirty years later, those opinionated thoughts seem foolish and petty. Life has taught me to be more understanding of others’ needs. I’ve had many occasions needing grace extended to me as well. There have been people along the way who loved me enough to keep believing in me. They lived the best they could and shared their blessings with others. That kind of grace is what God wants us to show as we interact with one another.

Look for ways to offer grace to someone today.

Sally Ferguson and her husband enjoy treasure hunting together at garage sales.