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When I said, “My foot is slipping,” your unfailing love, Lord, supported me. (Ps. 94:18)

Growing up, I loved climbing the monkey bars at school. It was thrilling to see the playground from new points of view and to swing from bar to bar with ease! I wasn’t afraid of falling because the more I climbed and jumped from the monkey bars, the more comfortable I became with the distance to the ground.

Although I was confident in my abilities on my familiar playground, when I visited a new play set, I wasn’t always so self-assured. I remember encountering a set of monkey bars that curved like a snake. Each rung was wider at one end than the other as it followed the curve of the rails; additionally, the bars seemed so much higher than what I was used to. So, when I found myself in the middle of the snake, worn out and far from the ground, all I could do was cry out, “Dad, help!”

Our loving God desires and is here to support us as we follow his leading. Sometimes he challenges us to try something new, outside of our comfort zone. This might be a demanding job, it might be a new friendship, or it might even be a new way of thinking. There will undoubtedly be moments when we feel like our feet are slipping. In those moments, cry out to God and he will support you!

Cry out to God in challenging and uncertain times.

Allison Krupp is a resident pastor at College Wesleyan Church in Marion, Indiana, and pursuing ordination. She enjoys having conversations over coffee and laughing loudly with friends.

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