It was a busy afternoon at our house—three families were visiting from another town. The afternoon cooking had just been finished. All the kids were outside playing. All the adults sat down to visit before having lunch. This is when we heard a call from outside for “Auntie.” It was Aarav, a believer from our church. His niece, Lavanya, was with him. It seemed like an inconvenient time for a drop-in visit, but we welcomed them in. They joined in the small talk we were having.

Finally, we began talking with Aarav and Lavanya. We learned that Lavanya had been suffering from terrible headaches and back pain. For three months, she had been unable to attend her college classes. Out of desperation, she came to us for prayer. Before they left, we prayed for her. Immediately, she said she felt 85 percent better. When we called to check on her the next day, she said she was fully healed and had returned to school! She also said she felt a new kind of joy and peace.

The next week Lavanya came by our house on her own. She asked for a Bible. Now she is reading the Bible and learning about the only true God—the one who healed her and gave her joy.

*Names changed or omitted for security reasons. The girl pictured is not the one in the article.