Indiana South District was recently given a $205,000 gift from their friends at Eritrean Fellowship.

“After 2 ½ years of prayer & fasting, meetings, negotiation, and discussions this day came to past in God’s timing,” said Dr. Mark Eckart, district superintendent of Indiana South.

The district has partnered with the Eritreans for years in working together to advance God’s kingdom. With this money the district and Eritrean Fellowship plan to develop a “primitive camp” similar to what is seen at state parks.

Fourteen cabins will be custom built, allowing 168 new beds for campers. A new shower house will be built, which will include restrooms, showers, and laundry facilities.

“Thirty years ago when I was in seminary at Cincinnati Christian University, I was in class with, Bairu Ogbazion, a friend from Eritrea,” said Dr. Eckart. “I never imagined that decades later our lives would be crossing paths again, but this time working together to advance God’s kingdom by adding to our campgrounds. I thank God for His providence, direction, and leadership to see this come about.