Come to the temple of the Lord. (2 Chron. 30:1)

FOR YEARS I HAVE TRIED to make a difference in people’s lives by sending cards. I send all kinds of cards: Thank You, Happy Birthday, Get Well, Cheer Up, Thinking of You, Sympathy, etc. In our church’s bulletin, I notice whose birthday is coming up, and I try to send that person a card. I take note of who is sick or depressed and needs a smile via the mail. I think that email and texting have really taken away from the personal touch. It’s just fun to receive a card the old-fashioned way—snail mail.

I do not just send cards to church members; I send cards to family, friends, people I barely know, people I want to invite to church, etc. I know that when I get a card in the mail it makes my day, and I am sure it does the same for my recipients. Hezekiah didn’t hesitate to invite everyone to come to the temple. His enthusiasm had to be contagious.

People feel the desire to be wanted, so a written or verbal invitation to come to church may be just what they need to take the first step in finding a home church. It is beautiful to see God’s people coming together to learn about His truths and promises. Invite people to church and hopefully they will invite others to church.

Reach out and invite someone to church.

Tammy Barnes Teeter is married and has 3 children and 2 grandchildren. She is an author, praise team director and works full time as a sales/engineering coordinator. She enjoys writing and ministering to others.

© 2018 Wesleyan Publishing House. Reprinted from Light from the Word. Used by permission.