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Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. (Matt. 25:34)

Expanded Passage: Matthew 25:34

I do not have children yet, but I do have a new puppy. He is a sixteen-week-old Corgi, and the best birthday surprise ever. The day we got him, we went right to the store, picked up food, treats, toys, a bed—basically everything you can imagine. We wanted him to be cared for and to know he is loved by his new family. I can only imagine that having a child is a million times more exciting—and hectic. However, getting a dog gave me a tiny sliver of insight into what it means to love a completely dependent living being unconditionally.

The love we feel for the people we care for cannot even come close to the love God has for us. Since the beginning of creation, God has known you, and God has cared for you. He has so much love for us that he has prepared a kingdom for his people. Jesus was telling us in this verse that God has already made a way for us. We tend to worry about a lot of things, but that worry is in vain. God has had you in his care before you were even an earthly thought! How comforting to know that our God already has a blessed place for us when we pass on from this life.

Do not worry about what God has already taken care of.

Rachel Reigard serves the Great Lakes Region of The Wesleyan Church as an ordained minister. She loves walking around Lake Michigan with her husband, Josh, and Corgi, Waffles.

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