He bore the sin of many, and made intercession for the transgressors. (Isa. 53:12)

EVER HAVE ONE OF THOSE DAYS? Some bad days can seem to last a lifetime. A young person is likely to face seasons of rejection as he or she feels others are more popular. You may learn painful lessons when a rude peer causes pain and suffering, especially if he or she despises you.

Sorrow and affliction were road markers in Jesus’ life from the time He was born. People misunderstood, ostracized, and despised Him. He was guilty of nothing, yet He was crushed and brutally crucified. Who would go through all that agony? Why would anyone endure such afflictions? Certainly Jesus didn’t have to submit to such malicious treatment. However, He bore it all for the sake of others, including you.

That’s right. You. Jesus went through all He went through for you. In fact, He went through all this for you in hopes that you would appreciate His ultimate sacrifice and commit your life to following and obeying Him. For some who decide to go their own way, the investment Jesus made will seem like a total waste. But He doesn’t consider it a waste.

He took your place on the cross. He was your substitute. He went through all of the cruelty of crucifixion so you could be free of sin’s penalty and live in heaven. If Jesus were here today, a reporter would likely ask Him if what He went through for the forgiveness of all who believe was worth it. His answer would no doubt be an emphatic YES!

Show that you love Christ by obeying His commands today and every day.

Jim Dunn is the Vice President of Church Relations for the Wesleyan Investment Foundation. He resides with his family in the Indianapolis area.