Indiana Wesleyan University President David Wright announces the partnership between IWU and Wesley Institute (soon to be Excelsia College) in Sydney, Australia, making their global Christian learning community a reality. Wesley Institute and IWU formalized on August 5, a partnership by which Wesley Institute seeks to become the foundation for the first global Christian university in Australia with plans to develop multiple campuses across the Asia Pacific region.

Wesley Institute is a leading Christian college in Australia–celebrating over 30 years of operation in higher education. Indiana Wesleyan University has 94 years of experience in Christ-centered higher education. IWU enrolls 15,000 students in undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses, as well as innovative accelerated adult education and online delivery.

Combined, the two providers have the expertise to roll out Christian higher education across a broader range of undergraduate and postgraduate areas. In coming weeks, an application will be lodged with TEQSA for registration of Wesley Institute as a university college. Subsequently the college plans to apply for registration as an Australian university.

Dr. Wright also announced that in, January 2015, Wesley Institute will change its name to Excelsia College. Excelsia, “a community where people excel,” embodies the institution’s passion for the pursuit of academic, artistic, and professional excellence within a Christian environment.

“With Christian schools being the fastest growing school sector in the country (Australia), there is an opportunity in the higher education market for students to continue holistic education in a Christian environment. We intend to fulfill that need to assist students to realise their purpose,” said Dr. Greg Rough, Wesley Institute chief executive.

Professor Bridget Aitchison, vice chancellor for Asia-Pacific, said, “With this partnership, we are able to expand Wesley Institute’s offerings across a range of discipline areas and degree levels. We hope to create a truly global Christian learning community where faculty and students can benefit from collaborating with peers, exchanging knowledge, and sharing resources. We live in a globalized world and that is a reality we need to prepare our students to live and work in.”

It is anticipated that Wesley Institute/Excelsia College will relocate to a new campus in 2015. New courses could be offered as early as Semester 1, 2016.

IWU expands to Australia