Indiana Wesleyan University is hosting a group of nearly 40 high school students from China for the third annual Chinese Cultural Immersion Program. The program aims to engage students from across the globe by bringing them to the U.S. to experience American culture.

Students are able to experience life both on and off campus to get a broader view and understanding of the culture. Activities this year include taking a biology and a music course, participating in a cardboard boat race, having dinner with IWU President David Wright, attending a baseball game in Indianapolis, going to College Wesleyan Church in Marion, and visiting downtown Chicago to enjoy Giordano’s deep dish pizza and shopping on the Magnificent Mile.

A total of 20 IWU students, alumni, and faculty are involved with the program. IWU students even become cultural mentors to the Chinese students throughout their two-week stay in the U.S., ensuring their experience goes smoothly.

The program started Thursday, July 30, and will continue through Wednesday, August 12. Next year’s Chinese Cultural Immersion Program will likely be around the same time.

This Fall Semester, IWU will have the first student enroll in full-time classes on the residential campus who previously participated in the Chinese Cultural Immersion Program.