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All those who heard him were astonished and asked, “Isn’t he the man who raised havoc in Jerusalem among those who call on this name?” (Acts 9:21)

In college, Frank stole his roommate’s food from the refrigerator, smoked weed, cheated on tests, and enjoyed deceiving his friends with his so-called “practical jokes.” Then Frank met Paul outside a classroom handing out booklets that asked, “Would you like to have a personal relationship with God?” Frank said that he did. Paul invited Frank to a large group meeting of Christians, and at the altar call, Frank went forward, asked for forgiveness, and declared Jesus as Lord of his life.

Then Frank’s life changed. He was so different that his roommates made comments like, “What happened to you?” and, “Can we trust you now, Frank?” Frank had a new way of life and his relationships with others changed dramatically.

People were astonished when they saw the change in Saul. Before he was a persecutor of Christians, but after his miraculous conversion, he preached that Jesus was the Son of God. He no longer took prisoners. People wondered: Is this the man we feared? The same man who created havoc in Jerusalem?

No, Saul was not the same man, because Jesus had changed him. Saul changed so much that the miracle of salvation was very evident.

Share about how your life was changed when you met Jesus.

Linda Valente, a nurse practitioner, is the wife Wesleyan pastor Frank Valente. They have served together with Wesleyan Native American Ministries, as missionaries to Africa, and now as grandparents of three.

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