The Wesleyan Church’s General Superintendent Dr. Jo Anne Lyon has issued a call to prayer for the persecuted Christians in Iraq and for God’s peace to prevail across the Middle East, including Israel, Palestine, and Syria as well.

The Wesleyan Church joins with the National Association of Evangelicals and other Christians everywhere in coordinating prayer for peace and for safety for victims of this violence and persecution.

The following came from NAE President Leith Anderson:

In the last few weeks, thousands of Christians have been forced by militants to flee their homes in northern Iraq. The United States has authorized air strikes and humanitarian aid airdrops in Iraq. Stories of the persecution of Christians and other minorities in Iraq, Egypt, Syria, and other areas in the Middle East fill the media. Please join in praying for peaceful resolution and relief for those caught up in this.

Prayer events:

  • The World Evangelical Alliance is organizing a prayer gathering for the Middle East at the International Salvation Army Headquarters in New York City at 5:30 pm on August 14.
  • Encourage your church to take time this Sunday to pray as a congregation for Iraq.

Prayer points:

  • Pray for the President and his advisors as they consider where and how to provide humanitarian assistance and military intervention in Iraq.
  • Pray for safety for Christians and other minorities in Iraq who are fleeing violence and persecution. Pray that they would find safe harbor.
  • Pray for comfort for those across the Middle East who have lost loved ones and have suffered traumatic violence.
  • Pray for missionaries and humanitarian aid workers who serve in difficult and violent corners of the world, that they will be kept safe, and that their efforts will contribute to a fuller realization of the peace and prosperity that God intends for all.

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