Listen to today’s devo!

You cannot serve both God and money. (Matt. 6:24)

Expanded Passage: 1 Kings 11:1–6; Matthew 6:19–24

I was a passenger in my friend’s car as she drove down a busy, four-lane road approaching the city. The traffic light turned yellow right when we were in that precarious space where either stopping or going would be appropriate—she needed to make a choice quickly.

I glanced over and watched her try to quickly calculate the decision, but her mind seemed paralyzed. Finally, I said, “Commit!” and she pushed through the intersection before the light turned red. After she was through, she let out a heavy sigh and said, “Thank you! I couldn’t make a choice!” It became a joke for us whenever we took trips after that. Every light became a “commit” moment, and we’d laugh about the memory.

God has given us a choice about the earthly blessings before us. We can’t serve him and our money and possessions. We must pick the object of our devotion. Perhaps that choice seems a bit paralyzing. We feel stuck in a precarious space and don’t know how to proceed. The more we think about it, the more frozen we feel.

The good news is that in this situation, God has given us advice on which choice to make. What he’s left up to us is the responsibility to follow through with making the choice. Today is the day to commit—to him!

Commit your devotion to the God who gives all things.

Bekah Shaffer lives in Bluffton, Indiana, and enjoys studying and teaching the Word, drinking coffee, and adventuring with her husband, Ryan, and puppy, Lexi Grae.

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