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I will gather you from all the nations. (Jer. 29:14)

Expanded Passage: Jeremiah 29:13-14

“What challenge has caused you to grow this year?” I asked as we rode along.

“My boss,” he replied.

David struggled at work, not because it was too hard, but because his supervisor was making life difficult for everyone. For David, work became a furnace, forging patience and endurance.

Whether it’s a parent, a teacher, a pastor, a police officer, or a politician, God gives human beings authority over us. We often prefer to have authority over other people, or at least to be independently governed by our own will, but it’s less pleasant to have someone over us. Yet we all do. Authority figures are just people, with flaws, hurts, sinful issues, and limitations. So why would God put his precious children in the hands of imperfect people? Perhaps because it causes all of us to grow. Leaders must grow in the way they care for those they serve. And we must learn to submit to and pray for our leaders, even when they are imperfect.

Frustrations with people in power ultimately remind us that our trust is in the King of Kings. That phrase is attributed to Jesus, and it means that he is the leader of all leaders—the authority over all authorities. He ruled over Nebuchadnezzar in Jeremiah’s time, and he rules over the authorities in your life too.

Pray for your leaders today.

Jarod Osborne is lead pastor of Pathway (Wesleyan) Church, in Warsaw, Ind.. He is the author of Jaded Faith (WPH).

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