Kingswood alumnus Alannah Pang (’16) will be part of the grand opening of Oceanview Christian School on Cape Sable Island in Nova Scotia, Canada, this year. She is thrilled about this first full-time teaching opportunity and shared some thoughts below on this new undertaking.

When did you first hear about this new school Oceanview Christian School starting up?

I was so blessed to spend my teen years (until my time at Kingswood) living on Cape Sable Island in Nova Scotia. When you live in a small area, it’s easy to get to know people very well, and good news spreads quickly! People from my church knew the board members of the school, and before I knew it, the announcement regarding the opening of the school was on Facebook. This has been a dream for our community for several years, and it’s so exciting to be a part of such a wonderful ministry.

How did you get a job with them?

A dear mentor and friend of mine had heard of the school opening, and reached out to one of the school’s board members to bring my name forward. I was contacted by the board member, and we set a date for the interview. I was so blessed to have such a smooth interview process, and the school board was so accommodating in planning for my interview while I’ve been living in New Brunswick.

When do you start teaching?

Doors open and our first semester begins September, 2017. My teacher duties will begin before this date, though, with hosting an open house this April, as well as preparing lesson plans for the fall. My husband and I will be moving back to Nova Scotia this March, and settling into our new home in the meantime.

Where is the school located?

Oceanview Christian Academy is located on Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia (just off Barrington Passage).

What grades will you be teaching?

I will be teaching in a primary and grade 1 split class, which will hold many grand adventures for me, I’m sure! I’m thrilled to be working alongside many gifted staff and teachers, including my dear friend–and KU alumnus–Lauren Ingersoll (’13), who will be teaching grades 4-6.

Are you looking forward to this new adventure?

Most definitely! God’s plans are greater than any I could ever imagine, and I know he’s been working all these plans out for us. Being in a full-time teaching position is such a dream, and I’m so thankful this door has been opened to me in this season of my life.

How has your time at Kingswood prepared you to begin teaching full-time?

I believe Kingswood has equipped me both academically and spiritually, and I’m forever grateful for the lessons I’ve learned through my professors. I was blessed to sit under the teaching of Professor (Doug) Graham, who poured into my life and taught me what it means to be a teacher truly dedicated to seeing her students grow not only academically, but in their faith, as well. I was also blessed to have the many faculty and staff praying for me, and I know they continue to pray for their students beyond graduation. After my time at Kingswood, I feel adequately equipped to not only teach my students well, but also to be the mentor to them that my teachers were–and still are­–to me.