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Yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end. (Ecc. 3:11)

God told Abraham to count the number of stars in the sky to show Abraham the great number of descendants he would give to him, even though it seemed impossible for Abraham to have children because he was so old. What is mind-blowing is that God knows the actual number of the stars (and whether Pluto counts or not) and the exact number of descendants Abraham will have.

The Israelites or Jewish people are still growing in number today and will continue to grow until the end of time. God was not saying that the number of descendants were uncountable for God. He was saying that from Abraham’s perspective looking up, there were too many to count—an unfathomable number. Yet, Abraham knew God and trusted him.

Through Abraham’s descendants, God sent his Son Jesus, completely human and completely God, down to earth to be the perfect go-between to re-establish relationship with all of humanity. Jesus did just that by dying on a cross for our sins (all the bad stuff we have done and even thought of doing), and erased that sin so that we can have full access to God and be in a right relationship with him for all eternity.

Sin is a separator but Jesus conquered sin. This is the gift of life, eternal life through Jesus. Knowable yet unfathomable!

Ask God to forgive your sin, accepting his gift of life.

Wesley Seminary alumna, Sarah Cochran and her husband pastored for seventeen years, and now both work for an agency rescuing kids from sex trafficking worldwide.

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