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Whoever claims to live in him must live as Jesus did. (1 John 2:6)

Markela* was known for being tough. Even though quite young, others were afraid of offending her—even the boys! To be fair, life was rough for her. Her family sometimes earned income by digging through the garbage and selling scraps. They were considered “gypsies” by Albanians, and as a result, Markela was looked down upon. When Markela heard about children’s Bible meetings, she started coming. At first, we would hear about fights happening after the meeting. But over time, Markela began to change, and today she is known for being tender rather than tough.

The book of 1 John says whoever lives “in him must live as Jesus did,” and Markela seemed to understand that wisdom. The more Markela learned about the Lord, the more loving she became. While others still tried not to provoke Markela, she became known for much different actions than in the past.

John, too, lived what he wrote about, for we see that he, too, changed. He was known for wanting to call down fire from heaven to destroy people. He also sought prominence in the kingdom of God. Yet, later in the Bible, John is known for his humility and teachings that emphasize love. Just like Markela and the apostle John, the love of God changes us from the inside out, compelling us to love in return.

* name changed

—Caryl Aukerman

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