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Abram believed the Lord, and he credited it to him as righteousness. (Gen. 15:6)

If my dentist says, “This won’t hurt,” I struggle to believe him. My dentist is a nice enough person, but I have had too many rough experiences to trust those types of phrases. I want him to prove it to me first, before I will let him move forward with the procedure. Although he can make a plethora of elaborate claims, I want assurance before I believe.

Unlike my situation with the dentist, Abram believed before he had the proof. Abram was given a promise of children and becoming a great nation. However, there was not yet any tangible proof. While God was sharing the promise, Abram continued to be childless. Abram had to make the choice to believe. He was counted as righteous, because although he could not see the outcome, he knew God could be trusted. It was the only way for him to experience the fullness of God’s promised provisions.

There are times when we hear God, but we want proof before we believe. We do not lean into the words of God nor trust his power to fulfill them. However, this is not how God works. Unlike my dentist, the proof often comes after we chose to believe. His promises are always good, but we first need to trust God in order to experience the richness of their fulfillment.

Believe that God will do what he promises.

Carla Working copastors a Wesleyan church in Huntington, Indiana, with her husband. She also works for the Crossroads District as a ministry liaison.

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