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They called to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the . . . wrath of the Lamb!” (Rev. 6:16)

“I gave him the ‘Momma eye.’”

A group of pastors and spiritual leaders had just heard the story of a young man’s ongoing rhythm of discipleship and drift from faith. He was known and loved by a local church and by his pastor, whose keen Momma eye had just spotted him engaged in questionable activity. “Can you show us the Momma eye?” I asked. I didn’t know that a look could convey so many emotions! Within the Momma eye was a fiery love that desired the best for this young man.

When you look someone in the eye, you communicate confidence, presence, and attention. But what about when you’re not confident, would prefer to be absent, and don’t want the attention of the other person? You look away; you divert your gaze; you cover your face. So fierce is the gaze of God that some people would rather be covered with crumbling mountains and falling rocks. But we need not live fearfully!

C. S. Lewis described such a scene in The Last Battle, when every creature comes face-to-face with the Christ-figure, Aslan, the Great Lion. Some faces turn to full fear and hatred; others have a measure of fear, but are also filled with love. God’s powerful gaze, his fatherly eye, need not end in fear. His face is fierce, but it is a face of fierce love.

Humbly look God in the eye and receive his fierce love!

Aaron Perry is married to Heather, and they have four children. He teaches at Wesley Seminary in Marion and is active in his local church's children’s ministry.

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