To deprive a man of justice—would not the LORD see such things? (Lam. 3:36)

MY BROTHER RECALLS numerous times when I got him in trouble because I tattled on him to our parents. I don’t remember those times, but I do think there were occasions when he got away with things just because they did not see him do them. It was a good thing that I could be another set of eyes for them. However, I came to understand that mothers indeed do have eyes in the backs of their heads and know a lot more about what goes on than kids give them credit for. Their silence can be an offer of grace, and their withholding of judgment can be an offer of mercy. We have all needed that at times.

God sees the injustice, abuse, and mistreatment of people in our world. He does not need us to chide Him for His inactivity in correcting all of the wrongs. He sees; He cares; and He will bring merciful aid to the afflicted and judgment to the afflicters. Meanwhile, life in a fallen world subjects all of us to injustice. Rather than complaining about it to God, each of us needs to accept responsibility for seeing injustice and doing what we can to stop it. God sees it. Do we?

Find a victim of injustice, and do what you can to help.

 Ken Heer was the author of Ancient Fire (WPH), pastor, and community director. He passed away prior to this publication.

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