He replied, I have been very zealous for the Lord God Almighty. (1 Kings 19:14)

LEADERS ARE LOOKED TO for both answers and results. They also encounter foes, confront rejection, meet opposition, and face being misunderstood. In effect, leadership can become a lonely position if one’s focus becomes skewed.

Continual confrontations with Ahab and the Israelite nation impacted Elijah. For a time, Elijah’s efforts seemed to have positive effects, but in truth were only short-term victories. Instead of focusing on God, Elijah fixated on two things: himself and rejections. As a result, Elijah—a leader who boldly accepted his calling—fought fatigue, battled disillusionment, and experienced loneliness.

During His years of earthly ministry, Jesus also faced loneliness as He encountered similar rejections. Yet, from beginning to end, Jesus clung to His source of strength—His Father. And as Jesus ministered to others, God ministered to Jesus’ needs.

The common denominator—God—didn’t leave Elijah in his aloneness. Instead, in the midst of Elijah’s dejected state, God offered spiritual and physical nourishment. He also reminded Elijah that he wasn’t fighting the battle alone. Other godly leaders did exist. As well, God helped Elijah refocus on the solution instead of the circumstances.

Regardless of how we feel, we are never alone. God is with us, and always available to provide the necessary resources to refresh our spirits. All we have to do is take our eyes off ourselves and look up.

When hit with fatigue, disillusionment, and loneliness, look to God to refresh your spirit.

Jill Printzenhoff is a science teacher and avid reader. She enjoys kayaking, fishing, bike riding, hiking, and vacationing with her husband and their two daughters.

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