In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead. (James 2:17)

THOUGHTS ON FAITH AND WORKS led me back to a time when I became reacquainted with a friend from the past. Our spouses had passed away and we started corresponding. An eleven-hundred-mile separation gave us the boldness to bare our hurts, joys, and life lessons we had learned. Total openness led to a beautiful relationship, then to love. Richard made plans to travel south to visit and make plans for our future. How different it would have been had we not put action to our words to fulfill what we both admitted had happened in our hearts. Not so many months later, we were married. Love in action made the difference.

James was eager to help new believers understand the importance of love in action. They understood that only knowledge of God was not enough. They had taken that first step of believing that God is life’s answer. But this decision had taken place very privately, in their heart. Onlookers could not “see” their decision. James made it clear: their actions would prove their commitment to Jesus.

I am glad my husband acted on what was in his heart and drove the miles to establish our relationship. Without his actions, I may not have believed his words. God’s action of giving His Son proves His love, His promises, and His plans for our future.

List ways your love for God is evident to those around you.

Antje Hill and her husband spend their time between Mississippi and Michigan. She is passionate about her faith, her marriage, her sons and writing.

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