Submit . . . to governors, who are sent by [the Lord] to punish those who do wrong and to commend those who do right. (1 Pet. 2:13–14)

THE NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER service was held at the outdoor plaza of city hall. People gathered with lawn chairs and umbrellas in tow, prepared for any change in the weather. The choir from a Christian high school began warming up their vocal chords, and dignitaries assembled in front. County legislators and councilors all took their seats, alongside area pastors.

The mayor came to the podium and read a proclamation for the Day of Prayer in our city. I wondered why it was necessary to put such a declaration in writing (It began with, “I hereby proclaim”), but I later realized it was the mayor’s stamp of approval. Considering the heavy responsibilities of running a city, expressing appreciation for something admirable must be one of the mayor’s most pleasant duties.

Listening to the mayor brought questions to my mind. How often do I put my stamp of approval on my family? Do I acknowledge the contributions they make to our household? Do I leverage my authority at home with severity or graciousness? How about at work? The level of responsibility given by the boss is to be used for the good of the company.

The Lord instituted leaders in every form of authority. An encourager is always easier to follow than a dictator. May your leadership look for the best in people!

Look for those doing something right, and commend them.

Sally Ferguson and her husband enjoy treasure hunting together at garage sales.