The Lord is full of compassion and mercy. (James 5:11)

AS A BOY, I did a great job of showing my younger two siblings what not to do. I shattered our sliding glass door with a hockey puck. I hit baseballs in our backyard (a forbidden activity) and nearly killed our dog with a line drive. Smuggled rocks made their way to our bathroom, where I used my parents’ toothbrushes to scrub them to perfection. Yes, my younger brother and sister knew what not to do thanks to yours truly. I certainly got away with a lot.

I take a four-mile walk most days now. God brings something to my mind nearly every time I walk. These are revelations I know in my heart with heat-like intensity. He reminds me that all the good around me is because of His compassion and mercy. My heart screams with brimming hope that God is mercy. He holds back what I deserve and does the same for countless others.

God reminds me of my past failures. He doesn’t do it to throw them in my face and load me down with guilt. He has me take a long look at my foolishness and then, scandalously, tells me that He loves me anyway. The greatest example of God’s mercy and compassion, to me, is me. Again, I make an example out of myself. This time, I am the student, not my siblings. God’s unrivaled kindness makes my heart beat another day.

Identify three examples of God’s mercy in your life this past week.

Neal Eckert lives in Michigan with his loving wife and seven young children. He staff writes full-time for a hunting and fishing organization.

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