God gave Solomon wisdom and very great insight, and a breadth of understanding as measureless as the sand on the seashore. (1 Kings 4:29)

WHEN I WAS A LITTLE GIRL I used to think that the ocean went on forever. I lived fairly close to the Atlantic, and although I knew from maps that there had to be land on the other side of the water, when I stood on the shore it didn’t seem possible.

I also can’t imagine having “a breadth of understanding as measureless as the sand on the seashore,” but that is what God gave to Solomon. I can’t understand why my internet router keeps going out, so I feel very far away from an understanding greater than those grains of sand on the seashore.

We all feel like we don’t understand things sometimes. Maybe it’s science or math that confuses us; or sometimes we just don’t understand each other. So why aren’t we striving to increase our knowledge and understanding? We have a God so great and so knowledgeable that we can be bold to ask for a renewed thirst for learning. Learn a new skill, or help a kid with homework even when you aren’t sure you know enough about the subject. Join a study group that has always intimidated you, and know that with God’s help that understanding is open to you. When we open our minds to know more about God’s creation, we are also open to receive God’s will for our lives.

Learn something new today about God’s creation

Sara Galyon and her husband Philip both serve in youth ministry in the north Alabama area. Her family enjoys traveling, baseball, and serving God together.

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