Church Health and Revitalization is a major outcome within Jesus’ command to make disciples! At least Dr. Jim Dunn thinks so. He said this during the opening session of a conference to help churches averaging between 150-200 in weekend worship attendance to become more effective for Christ. The event was recently hosted by the Church Multiplication and Discipleship Division (CMAD) of The Wesleyan Church at Bethany Wesleyan Church in Cherryville, Pennsylvania.

Pastor Kevin Fetteroff and his staff at Bethany Wesleyan Church did the majority of the teaching for the pastors and leaders who were invited. Dr. Stan Toler also spoke at the event about what it takes to be a better leader for Christ in local church ministry.

Several CMAD Directors were also present to serve as mentors and resource persons throughout the conference. There’s nothing like being on the site of a local church and led by a veteran church staff where divine renewal has taken place. Leaders are inspired when they hear the story, see the ministries, and taste the favor of the Lord, says Dunn.

The Mid-Size Church Conference is part of a new ministry for local churches started by the CMAD Division. The Promise Church Initiative will feature events, mentoring, coaching, and local church experiences spurring on local church excellence for Christ among Wesleyan Churches across North America.