A member of Skyline Church Hispanic congregation in La Mesa, Calif., experienced a mother’s worst nightmare and a powerful miracle, all in the same day.

On April 27, 2014, Sharon Sanchez’s 25-year-old daughter Shary was sitting in heavy traffic when a car hit her from behind going 80 mph. The car never slowed down and the impact threw Shary’s car in the air and it came crashing down, landing upside down. Shary, who was 6 months pregnant, prayed, “God, please protect me and my baby.” She heard other cars screeching and swerving trying not to hit her and push her off the bridge. Shary said as her car was flipping, she felt like God put pillows all around her. The driver who hit her had severe lacerations on his arm but still managed to pull Shary out of her car. She was rushed to the hospital.

Sharon was waiting for news about her daughter outside the emergency room when Pastor Veronica Kennedy called. Sharon said as soon as Pastor Veronica, a pastor with Skyline’s Hispanic ministry, prayed, the Lord’s peace was upon her, and she knew everything would be alright.

A few hours later, a doctor and nurse told Sharon that her daughter and unborn grandbaby would both be fine. The nurse told Sharon that in three years of working in the trauma center, she had never seen anyone survive such a violent crash without a scratch. She also was amazed that the baby was unharmed. The nurse deemed the outcome a miracle.

Another miracle is happening as a result. Sharon’s son-in-law has never had interest in the Lord or church. But after seeing how his wife and baby were protected in the horrific rollover accident, he said, “Now I do believe in God.” Sharon says he and her daughter will visit Iglesia Skyline very soon.