Global Partners’ missionaries sent the following reports from various parts of the world.

Bosnia: The following prayer request was sent from a Global Partners missionary*:

Samra* and I are becoming such good friends. Her husband, Meho,* is a Muslim leader in our city. They are both visionaries and long to see Muslims in the city really committed to their religion. Samra told me, “I like spending time with you because we can talk about God and I can hear what you believe, instead of me always having to be the one teaching about religion.” Recently, I had an awesome dinner with them, and Samra mentioned that she would like to start reading some of the Bible with me. Samra and Meho are very committed to Islam. Pray that they will become followers of Jesus who are wholeheartedly committed to him!


Karis People: One of our missionaries* to the Karis people sent the following praise report:

The other day one of my language tutors, a Karis woman*, was praying with me before our lesson, and she praised God for all of you—the supporters who make it possible for me to live and minister here. She became a follower of Jesus Christ because of workers who came to live among the Karis people. She wanted me to thank you and let you know how much she appreciates you!

Nune People: The following praise update is from one of missionaries* among the Nune people:

Recently, I went to a wedding where I met a woman that seemed familiar, but I couldn’t place her. She kept watching me and smiling. Finally she came to me and asked, “Do you remember me? You brought food to me four years ago when we had nothing. You helped our family so much! Thank you!” She then went on asking me about what I believe and how I worship. Who knew that seeds planted four years ago would start sprouting now?! Pray that these seeds would take root in her heart leading her to know Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior.

*Names have been changed or omitted for security purposes.