The city has been eerily quiet. So many millions in the city — and yet so few on the streets. It has been a surreal experience.

We* were inside for about six weeks, only going out with masks for visas, the kids to play with their friends nearby and my husband doing house calls and taking people to be tested for the coronavirus at the specially set up hospitals for that purpose. The clinic was closed, so my husband was doing house calls instead, every other week taking turns with the one other doctor who was in the country with our work. He was also on call 24-7 for the local health department to assist in continued testing for the virus.

Recently, the clinic opened for two days and then for three days as things are slowly beginning to re-open. We aren’t allowed to do any of our normal charitable work in orphanages, nursing homes or village clinics yet because of the need to limit possible spread of the virus.

People still have their temperatures taken everywhere they go, as we return to our complex or enter the market, etc.  We are still not meeting in groups until that is given the go-ahead by local leaders. We are listening to the recommendations put out by health officials in the country, as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other sources that my husband researches.

We are very grateful for everyone’s prayers, and we are praying for those in the U.S. and others worldwide as they use wisdom in facing this new sickness as well.

*Name withheld for security purposes.