Missionary Lydia Hines has been faithfully ministering in a women’s prison in Ecuador, South America. It has been a challenging ministry, but recently she sent the following brief report on an amazing visitation of the Holy Spirit that opened doors to hearts and enabled them to have spiritual breakthroughs with many of the women:

“The Holy Spirit came to the discipleship class yesterday with conviction and healing. Wow, what a beautiful time! We pushed the tables aside and sat in a circle. The women put their “painful experience” papers in the basket, and as the music played and Scripture was read, the Holy Spirit began ministering to us. Ana and I laid hands on each woman and prayed for her. The tears flowed freely. After singing together, the women began spontaneously leading out in prayer, something I have never seen before in the prison. The prayers came from deep inside them and were accompanied by gut-wrenching sobs. It was an amazing experience.”