The third-annual All Nations Service at Moncton Wesleyan Church (Moncton, New Brunswick) took place July 19, 2020, highlighting the integration of large numbers of newcomers (more than 100 people) into the church body over the last three years.

The service featured testimonies from immigrants, as well as worship leaders from several backgrounds, representing nations across the world.

“Many of our Christian newcomers to Canada are bringing with them a great level of spiritual maturity and a contagious passion for worship, prayer and evangelism,” said Joel Gorveatte, lead pastor of Moncton.

The church now has believers from Nigeria, Brazil, other countries in Latin America, South Africa, the Philippines and India, along with growing numbers from Korea, China, the Middle East, Europe and other African countries.

“Many are inviting unsaved neighbors and friends to experience Christ in the ministries of Moncton Wesleyan,” Gorveatte said. “When we do door-to-door outreach, many of our immigrants lead the way in their fearless passion to share the Good News of Jesus.”

Moncton’s commitment to integrating, welcoming and serving people of all nations and backgrounds has led to reaching new milestones of leadership development, including the first immigrant students beginning ministry studies this fall at Kingswood University. Their leadership experience is influencing its children’s and teen ministries, its prayer ministries and especially providing leadership in its small group ministry.

Gorveatte said Moncton’s leadership is committed to “intentionally [prioritizing] all nations leaders in our officer nominations,” as the church continues to grow its leadership development.

One of the comments posted during the livestream service stated, “We are from Brazil, watching every Sunday. Soon, we are moving to Moncton and will be part of this great family. May God bless you!”

“Moncton Wesleyan is ahead of the curve in engaging the international community at home and abroad,” said Rev. Peter Moore, district superintendent of the Atlantic District. “This is not by accident and Pastor Joel and his team are to be commended for their intentionality and strategic initiatives. The beauty of the diversity in the church family and the robust and substantive impact they have in partnering with The International Wesleyan Church is something God is using to inspire others.”