Despite its location “off the beaten path,” Legacy Wesleyan Church of Colorado Springs, Colorado, remains committed to reaching out in the community, holding tight to its missional roots of the Pilgrim Holiness movement.

Partnering with local food banks, grocery stores, mini marts and a restaurant in 2013, Legacy transformed what was a modest food bank of a few canned and dried goods into a ministry that serves dozens of families on a weekly basis. At its peak, weekly volunteer hours total 110 with the number of people served at more than 180.

Legacy also started partnering with a local ministry “More Than a Meal,” providing “a weekly hot breakfast on Saturdays and clothing distribution to the homeless, coupled with Christian music and a devotional message.”

“In 2015, when the city, by way of exorbitant fees, was forcing [More Than a Meal] out of the parks where they had been providing the ministry, Legacy gave them a home and operating hub and has been solidly partnered with them since,” said Rev. Danny Davis, senior pastor of Legacy. “We provide space outside (and inside when weather is a major factor) for the ministry to take place and storage for equipment and materials.

Like many other ministries, COVID-19 has affected how Legacy is able to serve its community through the food bank and More Than a Meal ministries.

“When the advancing age of most of the volunteer base for the food pantry and the impending retirement of the director and administrator prompted its closing after continuing to serve through the first six months of COVID-19, it was suggested that Legacy repurpose their space for more support for the More Than a Meal ministry,” said Davis. The reason for this repurposing was to address “the changing demographics of food pantry recipients to more homeless individuals instead of families.”

Davis said Legacy congregants were encouraged to “put their faith in action” during the 2020 holiday season, as “much has changed with COVID-19.” Many of them did so, providing meals and gifts to local children.

“In these endeavors [with COVID-19], the family at Legacy has kept in mind that we are better together and that we can do more united than divided as the family of God,” Davis said. “And while the name ‘Legacy’ is not on the name of every ministry that happens around here, the name Jesus is, and that’s a great legacy we are blessed to bear. A great part of that legacy is continuing to be built by the people who have been helped and are now part of the church who are recovering addicts and were or are homeless.”