Prior to meeting him, all I knew about this young man was that he wanted to talk about the Bible and that Jesus comes to him in dreams up to three times a week. As we talked, he explained that he doesn’t believe the Islam he was raised in. He also explained that twice each day when the Muslim Call to Prayer sounds (early morning and late at night), he becomes so anxious and unsettled that he has to take medication. I told him I would pray for him, and I also gave him a Bible. He said he was eager to begin reading it. A week later I checked in with him and he had read quite a bit of the Bible. I asked about his anxiety, and he said that there had been no change. I suggested that the next time it happened to read Psalm 23, since many people find it comforting. The very next day he texted me to say that when the Call to Prayer sounded, he read that Psalm and felt completely at peace! There is power in God’s Word!

Pray that the Fotizo people would have opportunities to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and that God would use us to connect with those who are searching for truth.

–reported by missionaries who serve among the Fotizo people