Drs. Romy and Linda Caringal, missionaries with Global Partners (Romy is Asia Area director), recently traveled to Nepal to lead the mobile health clinic in Japha and Palpa villages (eastern and western Nepal). The couple spent 16 hours driving from Kathmandu to Palpa and another 12 hours to get from Palpa to Japha. These remote places have limited health care facilities and providers so the people are grateful for The Wesleyan Church to organize a program like this.

The couple saw a total of 339 patients between the two camps. Church volunteers, three Nepalese doctors, a medical assistant, and four nurses assisted in the clinics. Many people in this nation come to Christ via the healing ministry.

One mother brought her one-year-old boy for his inability to speak and for lethargy. The boy has microcephaly (small head since birth), but no one explained the condition to the mother. After talking at length, the Caringals prayed with her. Though the mother was sad, she left thankful to know what was going on with her little child.

Please pray for the Caringals’ ministry and for the people of Nepal.