Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. (James 1:4)

SUFFERING FROM a head-splitting MIGRAINE, Jan found herself in the emergency room. The diagnosis revealed by the MRI was devastating: There was a large tumor on her pituitary gland. Surgeons would have to drill through her mouth and sinuses to get to the cancerous gland, and the resulting damage could be extensive.

The body of Christ rallied around Jan with prayer and fasting as she prepared for the day of surgery. Later she would learn that people in Japan, the Philippines, Africa, England, and Mexico were praying too. While Jan was on the operating table, the nurse told the anesthesiologist to hold off administering the anesthesia so the surgeon could speak with Jan. After a few minutes, the doctor came in, leaned over Jan, and said, “There’s been a substantial change in the tumor; it’s gone.”

James told us that God uses the trials in our lives to produce perseverance. Perseverance is the consistent momentum of faith that becomes unwavering over time. When hardships come, our automatic response is to go to prayer. Whether God says yes or no to our requests, we keep bringing those petitions to Him in faith.

When Jan became aware that something was wrong, she immediately went to prayer and shared her burden with the fellowship of believers. As the church rallied around her, together they persevered through this hardship—with miraculous results.

Persevere in the faith, especially when difficulties come.

Doug Schmidt lives in Denver. His favorite thing to do is to sit in comfortable chairs and “download the day” with his wife.

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