With the arrival of the fall, 2012 issue of Wesleyan Life magazine, many are commenting about the new look. One quickly notices the pages are wider, and the magazine has more heft, as eight pages have been added.

New editor Wayne MacBeth and new managing editor Kerry Kind are responsible for the content, and they are excited about what has arisen through the theme of the fall ‘12 issue: “The transforming power of prayer.”

The use of professional photography and the overall new layout is driven by creative director Kory Pence, whose fresh vision is largely responsible for the new design.

Get to know Sia M’Bayo, featured in the cover story, and the other great stories of answered prayer in this issue, as well as solid teaching about discerning the will of God and understanding the mystery of divine healing. We deeply appreciate the experience and the support of publisher Don Cady and the Wesleyan Publishing House, and veteran assistant editor Tricia Rife who has helped to anchor the project as well.

There is more technology included in this issue. By using QR codes, Twitter, Facebook, or by visiting WesleyanLifeOnline.com, readers can download the entire issue to be read on mobile devices. This will be an interactive feature with links to further information, enrichment, and videos.

The editorial team is already at work on the January issue, which will feature evangelism and church planting across The Wesleyan Church. Have you noticed the beginning of a pattern?  Yes, many of the themes of Wesleyan Life issues will reflect the “7 PACK,” passionately articulated by General Superintendent Jo Anne Lyon, namely:  

  • Authentic Christian Leaders
  • Spirit-filled Believers
  • Ethnic Diversity
  • Urban Urgency
  • Church Fitness
  • Church Multiplication
  • Focused Prayer