Championing the past while engaging current and future needs has been the goal of leaders revisioning Hephzibah Ministries, Inc. Plans have become more formalized in the past few months about how and where Hephzibah will continue to serve vulnerable children.

“God’s wisdom and direction were faithfully sought,” Sherry Gorveatte, interim chair of the Hephzibah Board of Directors, said. “Prayers were felt throughout the revisioning process and the consistency of Hephzibah supporters during this season of transition and exploration was a tremendous source of encouragement. Today, we are equally confident and enthusiastic about our increased ability to reach more vulnerable children throughout North America. Hephzibah’s impact will continue for many years to come.”

One result of the revisioning process is a new name, Hephzibah62:4. Taken from Isaiah 62:4, the name reflects the Scripture’s metaphor of how the Church is to care for the vulnerable. The Hephzibah mission remains the same – transforming the life of the vulnerable child.

Another outcome is emphasizing partnership instead of place. Hephzibah62:4 desires to build a culture of local churches equipping individuals to connect with and serve vulnerable children in their area using revenue generated by the sale of Hephzibah property in Georgia.

The means to serve vulnerable children changes from a location to an expanse of opportunities ranging from investments including foster church, safe families and adoption ministries to church plants with specific focus on children’s ministries in areas with high percentages of vulnerable children/families to adoption grants and scholarships for education in ministries impacting vulnerable children. Grant distribution will begin once the property is sold and the grant application process has been fully developed.

“There is still a lot to accomplish,” said Gorveatte. “We are planning to implement the new ministry vision in fall 2019. Please pray for the continued development of Hephzibah62:4, as well as for the vulnerable children and the churches who will serve them.”