Wesleyan Publishing House is well on the way to completing a major new commentary series covering the entire Bible.

The Wesley Bible Studies series provides a thoughtful and powerful survey of the Scriptures, combining helpful commentary from Wesleyan teachers like Gareth Cockerill, Phil Bence, James Bross, Sr., Joseph Dongell, Patricia David, David Blackburn, and many more. Direct quotes are provided in every section from the complete writings and life experiences of John Wesley, along with the poetry and hymns of his brother Charles. Also included are engaging questions to foster deeper growth and community.

The Wesley Bible Studies series seems destined to be a powerful tool that God will use to help reveal his truth and form in his people a deeper holiness of heart and life.

Kerry Kind commented, “The handy size and readability of this commentary reminds me of William Barclay’s Daily Bible Study series, which pastors and laypeople all have enjoyed, but I love it that these are seasoned with Wesley’s rich and highly respected insights.”

One Wesleyan pastor took his time sampling several volumes that he happened to see at a pastors’ gathering and then said, “I am going to get all of these!”

Already, seven volumes of the complete series have been released:




1 Timothy through Titus



1–2 Peter and Jude

Several more volumes will become available soon:

Luke (Sept 2014)

Acts (Sept 2014)

Romans (June 2014)

1–2 Corinthians (Sept 2014)

Galatians through Colossians and Philemon (June 2014)

1–2 Thessalonians (Sept 2014)

1–3 John (June 2014)

Revelation (June 2014)