Jonah obeyed the word of the Lord and went to Nineveh. (Jon. 3:3)


EFFECTIVE LEADERS UNDERSTAND that their most important responsibility is knowing how to follow. As team captain of a high-school sports team, you’re in a position of leadership. Other players look to the captain for guidance, direction, and how to behave, both on and off the field. Many times, the captain even makes tough play and player calls based on their knowledge of the team and team goals—knowledge gained from the coach. By doing so, the team captain leads the team, modeling how to follow the coach. Even when they do not agree with the coach’s call, they still obey, recognizing he is the ultimate authority for the team.

Jonah did not agree with God’s request for him to go to Nineveh. However, he knew as a leader of God’s people he must obey. He set aside his concerns to trust God’s will for him and the people of Nineveh.

My immediate obedience can sometimes depend on my feelings about the task. In those moments, I must remind myself it is not about me. It is about God’s team, and he is the coach. To effectively lead for him, we must be willing to set aside our own feelings and obey his requests, even when we may initially disagree. The most important job of a leader is to follow Christ.


Pray for God to reveal an area that needs more careful attention.


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