Consecrate yourselves and be holy. (Lev. 11:44)

Visitors shuffle through long lines to view the country’s prized jewels. Diamonds and sapphires glitter under small spotlights. Tiaras cast rainbows on black velvet. One piece, however, holds special honor: the British royal crown. This crown is worn only once a year when the monarch addresses parliament. The only exception is during a new king or queen’s coronation. Otherwise, it remains under close guard. The royal crown is set apart, dedicated for only the highest of uses.

The term consecrated refers to something dedicated for a certain use and for that use only. Scripturally, it means being set apart for God. In the Bible, we find that the instruments in God’s temple were consecrated, never to be utilized for common purposes. Similarly, God’s people are called to be consecrated. This is holiness—remaining pure and untarnished by sin, ready for God’s use.

Just as the British crown is not utilized for common events but is kept apart so it remains undamaged and untarnished, so we must not give ourselves to the world’s common, sinful uses. Like a royal gala, the world tempts us to join its festivities, but we are set aside for something greater. When we keep ourselves untarnished before God, we sparkle all the more brightly when He’s ready to use us. We’re His crown jewels, and we glorify Him. That’s something worth standing in line to see.

Wear something special today to remind you of your consecration.

Diane Gardner lives in the San Francisco Bay area, where she enjoys theater, community events, and watching the sun set over the bay.