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So Abram went, as the Lord had told him. (Gen. 12:4)

The quality of the relationship I have with my children is directly related to their obedience. Repeating instructions, like “Please put your laundry away” and “Take the dogs on a walk,” when my children push against my leadership, is frustrating and relationship-straining. But when I hear the words, “OK, Mom,” and see immediate action, I am filled with joy. Their willingness to obey allows me to lead them effectively and grow closer to them.

Abram had an opportunity to be obedient to the Lord’s leadership, and his response enhanced the relationship. Imagine how pleasant it must have been for the Lord to experience the immediate obedience of Abram! As God instructed him to leave his familiar surroundings, Abram followed God without objection—both people and possessions were packed up and moved to an undisclosed location. Abram’s obedience drew him into a closer relationship with the Creator.

Obedience is a key factor in the relationship with my children. The same is true in my relationship with God. Does my obedience bring God joy and make room for his leadership in my life? Each time I hear God asking me to act, do I say, “Yes!” and respond immediately, or do I hesitate and use excuses? Do I have the heart of Abram to respond in obedience and grow closer to God?

Choose obedience and pursue a fulfilled relationship with Christ.

Carla Working copastors a Wesleyan church in Huntington, Indiana, with her husband. She also works for the Crossroads District as a ministry liaison.

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