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But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood. (1 Peter 2:9)

It’s a good advertising strategy. “Another quality roofing job by Anderson’s Roofing.” These kinds of signs are placed on the front lawns of customers after work is completed. Some companies offer a discount on the cost of labor if you are willing to put their sign in your yard for a few weeks. Why? It’s free promotion. They hope their quality work will draw more people to their business.

When Peter called the church a royal priesthood, he was using a compound image. The line of kings and the line of priests in Israel were very distinct. The priests traced their ancestry back to Aaron, the brother of Moses. But the kings were considered descendants of David. In Jesus, however, these two images were united and fulfilled. He is the one true King, and the ultimate High Priest, though not in Aaron’s line but Melchizedek’s. Because we are adopted into his family, we are in the line of royal priests.

As priests, what sacrifices do we offer? We no longer slaughter lambs to offer God. Instead, God wants us to offer the sacrifice of praise. He wants us to tell of the wonderful way that King Jesus has saved and transformed our lives. Praise is like our yard sign, telling the world that Jesus has done a good work in us and that we recommend others to look to him.

Share with someone a story of how Jesus has changed your life.

Jarod Osborne is lead pastor of Pathway [Wesleyan] Church, in Warsaw, Indiana. He is the author of Jaded Faith (WPH).

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