“Being bold in a whatever world”

Oklahoma Wesleyan held the fourth annual Josh McDowell Institute Collision Conference on February 3-4, 2017. This year’s annual Christian apologetics event was hosted on the OKWU campus for the students on February 3rd and at Rejoice Church in Owasso, Okla., on February 4th. The February 4th event was open to the public and was well-attended.

With the rapidly changing moral and social landscape in America comes much uncertainty. There is, however, one sure thing—God does not change with culture or the latest headlines. Believers in Christ must be encouraged and equipped to act and think biblically, boldly, and lovingly in a “whatever” goes world. Christian apologetics is the defense of the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The 2017 Collision Conference featured three nationally-known apologists: Sean McDowell (son of Josh McDowell), Jo Vitale of the Zacharias Institute, and Abdu Murray of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries.

More information is available at OKWU.edu/JMIconference.